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Sophia Works was established in 2016 by me, Sophia Eerden. It is a platform on which my interests and talents for human movement sciences, skiing and photography are united. It is my wish and aim to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with peers and I am looking forward to meet like-minded people. For an impression of the projects I have been working on, simply check out this page.


Sophia Eerden

I like to be in motion. Whether it is about working on research, being in the mountains, or taking pictures outdoors, the world is much more interesting when you are moving. This doesn’t mean, however, that I am always in a hurry or trying to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. No, it is the opposite. I believe that sincere attention, a thorough approach and good communication are key for a successful project.

As a kid and teenager, chances were high that you could find me on the soccer field or skiing on a mountain. Due to several injuries, I left the soccer field for good and chose to chase my passion for skiing. In the meanwhile, I moved to Groningen in 2009 to study Human Movement Sciences. After completing several ski courses and a master study, I am a certified ski instructor and a graduated Human Movement Scientist nowadays. I am convinced that I can combine my passion for science, skiing and photography in my daily life.

“No matter how much Sophia is moving in her life, to me she is a stable factor. She has a positive attitude and relativistic power, she motivates, is (positively) critical and offers a sympathetic ear.” 

Mieke van Rooijen, close friend

Human Movement Sciences


MSc. Human Movement Sciences

In 2014, I got my master degree in Human Movement Sciences with a specialization for Rehabilitation Sciences. My graduation project was about the physical fitness of persons with a spinal cord injury in the very early rehabilitation. Exercise testing, exercise physiology and spinal cord clinical rehabilitation were the main topics of this project that was supervised by Prof. dr. Lucas van der Woude.

Knowledge // Physiology, Anatomy, Motor control, Biomechanics, Movement Analysis

Skills // Exercise testing, Academic writing, Matlab, SPSS, Vicon

“Sophia is a bright, hard-working and dedicated worker, who is very well able to solve any problems that might come her way. She persists in her tasks and reaches her goals. Even when unexpected delays or circumstances would lead other to distress: Sophia continues as joyful as ever. She is well aware of scientific literature as well as practice in the field of rehabilitation, and is talented in communicating her work. She published the review on ‘Exercise testing in rehabilitation for persons with a spinal cord injury’ we collaborated on in the well-known scientific journal ‘Disability and Rehabilitation’. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Dr. Florentina Hettinga (PhD, SFHEA, FECSS), Head of Sports Performance and Fatigue Research Unit, University of Essex, School of Biological Sciences, Centre of Sport and Exercise Science


Eerden S, Dekker R, Hettinga FJ. Maximal and Submaximal Aerobic Tests for Wheelchair-Dependent Persons with Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review to Summarize and Identify Useful Applications for Clinical Rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation. [Accepted Sep 2016]


K-J projects aims to enhance the participation of wheelchair users in society and to improve the self-esteem of those in a wheelchair. We currently work on the development of educational material about wheelchair skills for both health professionals and wheelchair users. Check out the K-J Projects website for all projects and news updates.


Working in the Clinical Support team at Julius Clinical (CRO) gave me the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes impression of conducting research in the pharmaceutical industry. It was a whole new world for me to discover.



The Alps

Ever since I was a kid, my family and I went skiing in the Alps. After seeing lots of places, I came home in Kitzbühel in the 14/15 season. I worked as a ski instructor in the Element3 skischool, enjoyed the Hahnenkamm Rennen and fell in love with the Kitzbüheler mountains. Early in the 15/16 season, I had an ugly crash resulting in a ruptured ACL and MCL but after a year of rehabilitation I am back on the slopes and working for the Element3 skischool again!

Certifications // Anwärter (2013), Landes 1 (2014), Landes 2 (in progress)

The Netherlands

As a ski instructor on dry slopes at SnowSportCenter Utrecht, I instructed both kids and adults. The constant environment on a dry slope is a big advantage and allows you to focus on ski technique and movement analysis. Skiing in front of a mirror and the one-to-one interaction is very helpful for your clients and often results in big improvements in a short timeframe.


When looking through the camera, I see and notice more than I ever would without it. Although I started not long ago as photographer, I was able to shoot the cover for the Moving Matters magazine and I currently provide photo material for the Element3 skischool during the winter season. Below you can find some of the results.

Nature and Landscapes




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